Fridgely | Food Expiration Date Tracker


Food Expiration Date Tracker

The average family of four wastes 25% or $1,400 a year on food

Fridgely tells you when your food is going to expire so that you can use it before it does.

Fridgely intelligently sends you an alert when your food is close to expiring.

Stop wasting food

The average family of four wastes 25% of their food each year.

Share your food

Easily invite your family members or roommates to view and edit your items.

Sync between your devices

Your food is automatically synced between all of your devices.

Organize your food

Create spaces such as fridge, pantry and freezer and ensure that your food is always organized.

Quickly find recipes

Fridgely shows you recipes based on the food that you already have.

Scan barcodes

Simply scan the barcode of your item and Fridgely will automatically figure out it’s name and estimate an expiration date.

Dark mode

Enable dark mode for those late night snack runs.


Just what I was looking for

There seems to be a serious lack of expiration date apps that look clean and work smoothly, so I'm glad I found this one in the end. No complaints.

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